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Machine Intelligence™ is the subfield of A.I. that automates the discovery and explanation of answers from data.

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Machine Intelligence™ at your service

The path to answers has long relied on creating and acting upon analytical models. Unfortunately, modeling typically requires a trio of statistics, programming, and domain expertise — and at the end, final results are tarnished by human bias and devastatingly long time-to-answer cycles. Machine Intelligence streamlines the modeling process by automatically churning through data to generate razor-sharp, interpretable analytical models in minutes.

Developed in Cornell's Artificial Intelligence Lab by two of the "World's Most Powerful Data Scientists" (Forbes), Machine Intelligence leverages an “evolutionary” approach to model creation, testing billions of potential models per second, and converging on the simplest, most accurate ones that explain your data. M.I. makes no prior assumptions about the data set, instead fitting models to the data dynamically.

To prevent overfitting, M.I. leverages cross-validation, splitting the data set into two parts: one to train the model, the other to validate its accuracy. If models don't perform exceptionally well on both test sets, they'll never be shown to end users, ensuring they only see models that are both highly accurate and generalize well to new situations.

Compared to other machine learning outputs, M.I. models are simpler and more transparent. The models are presented as mathematical equations, interactive visualizations, and plain English explanations, so end users can seamlessly understand results and recommendations.

Automate model creation

Incorporate any available data from a variety of sources. Scalable compute enables Machine Intelligence™ to evaluate billions of potential models that distill the underlying patterns and relationships driving your problem or process. Machine Intelligence™ outputs the most accurate models at varying degrees of complexity. Armed with multiple answers about how your problem/process “works,” you can make immediate improvements to your business.

Review, interpret, and iterate on your results

View each model in its pure mathematical form, or read simple plain English explanations about what it means. Users can also interact with the models to explore “what-if” scenarios (“What happens to sales if we send more emails?”); examine the relationships between variables; add fresh data; or force the algorithms to include/exclude certain variables. Applying domain expertise to ensure accurate answers has never been easier.

Share insights across your organization

Create sharable, interactive reports for co-workers and decision-makers. Executives are hesitant to act on information they don't understand. Machine Intelligence™ solves the data scientist shortage by not only scaling the ability of data scientists to take on more projects at once, but by enabling them to easily convey solutions to others in their organization.

Integrate Machine Intelligence™ into your existing ecosystem

Export to tools like Python, R, and Excel. Advanced users can also request access to our Python API.

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